South Carolina

Representative slave owning family

Apparently if your family held slaves in the past, condemning that aspect of familial history is a time bomb. I guess folks don’t get the doing. humiliation. Dangerous life of a slave, Current. Future. Slavery is wrong.

Maybe context and the times might, MIGHT, have an iota of Truth. I doubt it. After all aren’t we the land of the free?

Isn’t it time to JUST SAY NO?

Don’t forget the US was the LAST to make slavery illegal.

Economics was more important than to human rights, which always seems to be the case.

Author: sonorasam

Love cats. Gadgets. Reading history, physics, Natural History to Brian Eno. Enjoy Politics to keep my sense of humor sharp. Play country blues guitar. Amateur photographer of bugs. Think I can write (like all of us do). Mountains, Deborah, Everett keep me sane for the most part. Love the Internet, this wild, crazy, frontier that informs, democratizes us. Never thought I would be witness and participant in a culture and world changing technology, but here I am.

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