Request for help due to Cancer

I haven’t mentioned it much (I haven’t posted lately and then it’s been sporadic) I was diagnosed with Cancer, Multiple Myeloma, a somewhat rare form of blood Cancer. This is why the last 3 years have been hell, and really a rebirth at 60. Life, and us, never recovered and now we need help.


Shared pain is lessened. Shared Joy increased.

Spider Robinson; Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon

If we all do what we can, Hope springs eternal.

Thanks for your consideration


Honey Ant. Storing honey for the sisters.

Author: sonorasam

Love cats. Gadgets. Reading history, physics, Natural History to Brian Eno. Enjoy Politics to keep my sense of humor sharp. Play country blues guitar. Amateur photographer of bugs. Think I can write (like all of us do). Mountains, Deborah, Everett keep me sane for the most part. Love the Internet, this wild, crazy, frontier that informs, democratizes us. Never thought I would be witness and participant in a culture and world changing technology, but here I am.

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