Basic Income

Basic Income

I’ve thought more than I care to figure about money, welfare, rich/poor since we have taken the unexpected hit to our lives due to my Cancer.

One argument against this type of program is that it is a demotivater for folks to work and make their own way. As with anything there is going to be a group, or type of person, who thinks this way.

Question? The large majority of rich, and super rich, inherited their massive wealth. Yet they are not accused of being lazy, non-ambitious, etc.

Just another case where the fault of being poor is paid on individuals and not on a system which replies on having a pool of poorer people they can use.

Emotionally Diverse Makes

I’m reminded that most if not all who wanted the separation of children from parents at the border are men, of the “Be A Man Generation” How could they possibly understand the effects of their policy?

How could someone like Trump who’s parenting style was selfish and distant at the least understand?

“I Was Devastated”: Tim Berners-Lee, the Man Who Created the World Wide Web, Has Some Regrets

I find it heartening that t the Inventory of the Internet, values the Democratic impulse more than the invention itself.

T here was a time I loved the web for it’s democratizing value. The world’s biggest library open 24/7. It’s obvious that has changed. Not to mention we paid tax dollars for it and corps have now taken it over and we are charged again. Oh the joys of rampant capitalism and govt run by money grubbers!