Democracy in jeopardy


Interesting article. I’ve been reading way to much on Hitler and WW1 &2. The parallels are both sounding and scary. And I think when people are in trouble and see a way out, is when these authoritarian tendencies appear.

We always assume our system will come back to equilibrium.

The question I am is when do we decide it’s time to act.

With this group of guys, that doesn’t seem like an odd question, nor did it seem perhaps to far off to act on.

I get the feeling we’re going backwards

When the Founders jigsawed our country together they wanted to make sure we wouldn’t become ruled by the Military Industrial Complex. Eisenhower, despite his deep military streak, warned us of this in his outgoing address as well. After 1 year in office it’s clear we have a President with the mindset of  a child who grew up in the 50’s and never left. For example: (these are pulled from my head Sat. morning so they may be a tad off.

Military Parade
If we have nukes, shouldn’t we use them?
We need to have the best military ever.
Putin’s a leader. He gets things done.

I like waterboarding. I think we should do ore of it.
We should arm teachers who have an adeptness with guns. (Is there an NRA gene somewhere?)

So. We have a president who has placed an undercover agent, Haspel, in charge of CIA.
Tillerson has been replaced by Pompeo as Sec of State.
John Kelly is COS.
Mattis is Defense.

Why is it we always seem to place hard line right wing military personnel in places at the top of the power chain? Esp with a prez like Trumpty?

We May live in a world of danger, much of it created by our policies, but wouldn’t it e better to have a Dept of Peace somewhere, anywhere that would take these issues on from a different perspective? We certainly have the resources to manage 2 depts at once I think. Ans there is no dearth of thinking about Peace.sunrise-sky-clouds-sun-40907.jpeg