Solar Jobs Fell for the First Time in 7 Years in 2017. Now Trump Could Make It Worse.

Solar Power gets Trumped

Trump’s minions like to say we need coal, gas for energy because it’s unreasonable to expect renewables to satisfy our energy needs. So what does Trump do? He increases tariffs. Already the industry is feeling the effects. Sounds like a circular argument but not unexpected from someone who seems to make decisions based on the Fifties, doesn’t take the time, nor have the capacity to understand anything more complicated than a 3 bullet point paper.

Australia and Cuba are both prime examples of countries that understand the reasons for going renewable. And most importantly are willing to subsidize the conversion and face and solve the issues associated with the conversion.

NRA Contributions to representatives

Contributions from NRA

The Florida shootings – AGAIN – serve to emphasize our sick and needless lack of laws regarding gun control. Here’s a list of those lining their pockets with gun money, which translates into complicity in the mass shootings.

When do we decide enough damage has been done? When does someone say this kind of terrorism is where we need protection?

It’s all overwhelmingly sad and horrific.

Walk softly

Teddy Roosevelt, a man who few would accuse of being “soft and unmasculine” famously said, “Walk softly and carry a big stick”. He understood an axiom our beautiful president does not: Tender your views with consideration and understanding of others, yet always know you have a stick on your side. (His stick must be bigger than Trump’s).

Despite the fact Americans have always declared their anti-militarism except as to our defense, Trump wants to use our military and money to show his toughness, to have the world at large know he is to be bowed to.

This parade would place us squarely with militaristic governments, the same governments and regimes we claim to harbor as enemies. We would join the world of Militaristic boasting, huffing and puffing, setting out the challenge to the world.

We do not NEED, nor do we WANT a president who has to be more than anybody or thing. Who sees his position as giving him the right to play soldier with our military. And this from a man who never served or fought for his right to do so.

Epidemic hits military. Trump furious.

Whoops. Excuse me while I get the shovel.