U.S. wants low-yield nukes to prod Russia to respect atomic arms pacts: Pentagon chief Jim Mattis | The Japan Times

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The U.S. plan to deploy new low-yield nuclear weapons is aimed at convincing Russia to respect existing agreements on limiting the weapons, Secretary of Defense Mattis says…

Source: U.S. wants low-yield nukes to prod Russia to respect atomic arms pacts: Pentagon chief Jim Mattis | The Japan Times

There is no precise definition of the “tactical” category, neither considering range nor yield of the nuclear weapon.[2][3] The yield of tactical nuclear weapons is generally lower than that of strategic nuclear weapons, but larger ones are still very powerful, and some variable-yield warheads serve in both roles, for example the W89 200 kiloton warhead armed both the tactical Sea Lance anti-submarine rocket propelled depth charge and the strategic bomber launched SRAM II stand off missile. Modern tactical nuclear warheads have yields up to the tens of kilotons, or potentially hundreds, several times that of the weapons used in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Specifically on the Korean peninsula with a nuclear armed North Korea facing off against a NPT compliant South Korea there have been calls to request a return of US owned and operated short range low yield nuclear weapons, nomenclatured as tactical by the US military, to provide a local strategic deterrent to the North’s growing domestically produced nuclear arsenal and delivery systems.[4]

Some tactical nuclear weapons have specific features meant to enhance their battlefield characteristics, such as variable yield which allow their explosive power to be varied over a wide range for different situations, or enhanced radiation weapons (the so-called “neutron bombs“) which are meant to maximize ionizing radiation exposure while minimizing blast effects.

Nuclear Madness Map

Here’s a map showing various nuked sites and the carnage which would result if they were hit.

Now that we have Trump on the button, I thought these maps would be useful for those interested.

What’s really important is the military is looking to equip cruise missiles with low yield warheads. This keeps us within Teaty guidelines, but also creates the illusion these nukes would be survivable. That is until the low radiation levels start causing an increase in cancers in the next few years.

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Nukemap by Alex Wellerstein

Here’s a nifty little interactive map(s) showing the effects of a nuclear strike bsed on location, yield and other effects.

Missile Map

Here’s another map showing missiles and their capabilities.

Trumps Nuke plans raising alarm

The American ConservativeFeb 3, 2018
In effect, the congressionally mandated review calls for the U.S. to deploy two new types of lower yield nuclear warheads, generally defined as nuclear bombs below a five kiloton range (the one dropped on Hiroshima was 20 kilotons), that could be fitted onto a submarine-launched ballistic missile, and one …


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