UT Anti-gun rally

We went to the rally for gun violence. We had 5 reasons: 2 teachers and 3 grandchildren in our family. My wife and I were also teachers.

I love seeing all this happen. I, and my family are deeply involved in the Civil Rights movement. It felt like Deja vu seeing all these people protesting because the number of protests I went to was huge.

Here’s some photos:

Democracy in jeopardy


Interesting article. I’ve been reading way to much on Hitler and WW1 &2. The parallels are both sounding and scary. And I think when people are in trouble and see a way out, is when these authoritarian tendencies appear.

We always assume our system will come back to equilibrium.

The question I am is when do we decide it’s time to act.

With this group of guys, that doesn’t seem like an odd question, nor did it seem perhaps to far off to act on.